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Some Thoughts On Worship Music

June 2, 2011

Over the years I realize that I have become pretty selective and opinionated on matters of worship music.  When I think about all that Jesus has done on my behalf, and how God has given me the free gift of grace, the gift of repentance, the gift of the forgiveness of my sins, the gift of new life, the gift of eternal life, and the gift of Himself, (just to name a few)  through Jesus Christ.  When I think of how I am in right standing with Him regardless of how my day or week went, even when I’ve sinned, because my standing is in Christ and on His merit not mine, it causes me to want to worship my God and my Savior, what else can I do?  (Even now as I’m writing this, I am in awe of His goodness toward me).  In other words when I reflect on the Gospel through song, I can’t help but worship.

All that I have and all that I am has been given to me, knowing this and understanding this makes me want to worship, so it’s helpful that worship songs be about Him and not me.  As I hear the music and listen to the words, I am reminded of how great my God is and this then results in worship, and this is how a worship leader leads, by proclaiming how great God is, and how much He has done for His people.  When this happens, I don’t even have to know the song in advance, because the words are edifying, I can listen and or read along and simply agree and amen my way through each song praising God and ascribing all worth to Him, because He is worthy of all praise, glory and honor!

I realize that music in general is able to stir up emotions and affections and once words are added even more so.  But I also realize that many of us can get caught up in the music, the sound and end up getting “trapped” in singing along to some seriously lame and self centered and sometimes meaningless lyrics or repetitious sayings that really don’t have anything to do with worshipping God at all.

Many of us don’t really sit back and think about what is being sung, though we should, to that end let me recommend an album I’ve been enjoying, called Hymns – Take The World But Give Me Jesus, by Ascend The Hill.  They bring a new (modern) sound to lyrics that are tried and true, deep, meaningful and just plain solid.  Here’s the link

Let me also recommend a site by Bob Kauflin  who I believe has a great grip on the subject of worship.  Also, there you will find additional resources to great Godward worship music, I say Godward because not all worship is Godward

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  1. July 13, 2011 7:05 am

    They are my featured artist on my blog. I got to see them in concert this past weekend, and they totally blew my mind!

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