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So then…what exactly is the gospel? And why does it even matter? (pt 1)

June 5, 2011

I feel that starting with this question is almost like putting the cart before the horse, since most people will directly start with Jesus, in this case I won’t.  I guess since I’ve taken up blogging I’ve got time to unpack it all.  I want to mainly write this for others, others who may not know what the gospel is all about or what God is all about and who think Christians are “out to lunch” for believing what they (we)do, and yes….there are some out there who call themselves Christian yet stray far from biblical truth, but don’t let that side track you.

To get right down to it  the gospel is the good news of the fulfillment of God’s promises.  In the gospel account written by Mark (the 2nd book in the new testament) Jesus says:  “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel” Mark 1:15 ESV (ESV simply stands for English Standard Version).  Now I know that there may be some words in there that are meaningless or foreign, like “the kingdom or God”, and “repent” and “gospel”.  I’ll get around to defining all of that as I blog.

Anyhow, if you see the first part of what Jesus was saying, “The time is fulfilled”, it points to something before this event and that it is now fulfilled.  (Question) So, what is this statement pointing back to?  (Answer) To the promises God made as seen in the Old Testament.  So the natural question then is?  Why did God make promises and what kind of promises were they?  Well, this takes me to the beginning where I would like to start.  This is probably going to turn into  at least a 10 to 12 part blog series.  But, it’s going to help me paint the big picture of the entire story of God and it will make it a lot more clear as to why Christians believe what they do. I’m not going to go detailed, rather I’m going to put it in overview form, in story form.  Another thing must be said before starting, the bible is my grounds of information, so basically everything I believe about God, the human race and the world is based on what the Bible says about God, the human race and the world.  I believe the bible to be the inspired word of God.  Click here if you want to learn more about that.

So lets dive in…  The story I’m about to tell is taken from, Genesis 1-3, Job 38, Isaiah 14 and Revelation 12

In The Beginning!

Basically the bible says that God was before all things, basically that He has no beginning and no end, He just always WAS, IS and will BE.  And God created  this earth and everything that is in it.  The bible refers to God as Holy and God alone always does what is good, what is right and what is perfect

So we see from the texts (referenced above) that God created everything, the earth and it’s foundations and the angels.  God created the angles to worship Him and as He created the earth and it’s foundations the angels worshipped Him.  Now some of the angles rebelled against God and His ways, apparently led by Lucifer who is referred to in Isaiah 14:12 as Day Star, son of Dawn.  Click here for more info on Lucifer.

In response God  cast them (the rebellious angels) out of His presence  and sent them into the darkness that was on the earth. Later these rebellious angels will face final punishment.  Rebellion against God is called sin, and since God is Holy, He will not allow sin to remain in His presence.  You may ask, what does Holy mean?  Let me give you this definition taken from  “God’s holiness is what separates Him from all other beings, what makes Him separate and distinct from everything else. God’s holiness is more than just His perfection or sinless purity; it is the essence of His “other-ness,” His transcendence. God’s holiness embodies the mystery of His awesomeness and causes us to gaze in wonder at Him as we begin to comprehend just a little of His majesty.”

In short this is how it all starts.  Next we’ll cover more of creation which includes the creation of man and then the fall of man.

So far, what we can know about God is:  He is eternal ~ Able to Create – powerful ~ Holy – will not allow sin in His presence ~ will not tolerate rebellion/sin against Him

And what we know about angles is that they were created beings and that a part of them rebelled against God and His ways.

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